We specialize in extraordinary.

From pickles to pirates and everything in between. We work with a variety of business types and non-profits. With clients in entertainment, food, advertising, fashion, education and technology . From simple start ups to larger organizations with more complex needs. We work with clients through expansions, all kinds of audits and in many highly regulated industries.

About Us

Outsourced CFO and Operations Manager

While we specialize in finance, we have experience in many different areas. We realize that many of our clients started business to do what they love- which they didn't realize came with bookkeeping, payroll, record keeping, tax planning and other, even more exhilarating and unexpected responsibilities. That's where we come in.

Our Goal

We aim to organize- to help our clients create systems that make day to day operations easier. We aim to educate our clients - so they feel comfortable and confident with their finances and understand how the information is prepared and how to analyze it. Above all, we aim to help our clients reach their fiscal and organizational goals, whether that's a third restaurant or international distribution- we want to get you there.

How We Work

We tailor our working style to meet the needs of your business. Some clients we work with completely remotely. Some we work with only onsite. Most however, are a combination. We are dedicated to making a system as automated and efficient as possible, so that we can spend more time on higher level strategy and planning.

For a bunch of number crunchers, we dislike doing more data entry than absolutely necessary. We don't think you should pay for it either.


After years of preparing tax returns, setting up books, and strategizing with entrepreneur friends and acquaintances just for the fun of it, Liz decided to make a career of helping small businesses grow. She loves the opportunity to work with a diverse client base with unique challenges.


Justine has the patience of a saint when compiling tax returns and when bribed with candy can turn around pro formas in record time. Liz lured her from a local bank where she worked as a commercial teller, and she was Liz’s “right hand man” until she recently relocated back to her homeland in Idaho. Luckily we didn’t even need to bribe her to work remotely!


Beyond her accomplishments pursuing a degree in Accounting, who could we love more than a woman who has opened two small businesses in the US since moving here from Brazil? She brings a true understanding of what’s important to our clients, having been there herself. Eveliz seeps confidence in the office, in the kitchen where she loves to explore new cuisines, and hiking the East Bay with her dog and her 11 year old daughter.


Christina tried to leave the accounting field some years back to focus on her twin boys who are now 8 years old – but year after year couldn’t tear herself away from her deep love of seasonal tax preparation. A jill-of-all trades, Christina has studied horticulture, floral design, ballet, and recently penned a short story that was published.

Ashley H.

Ashley could possibly be the coolest person you’ve ever met. Ask her about her professional wrestling career, her event promotion company, her comic book collection, or her beautiful family – and you’ll be amazed. Ashley is sharp and passionate, and we couldn’t be happier to have her on the LIAB team.


We try to keep it a secret that Ashley is emailing clients from Hawaii, but her cheery disposition makes it clear that her life is just THAT awesome. Originally hailing from England, after only 3 years in San Francisco she now spends her time hiking & swimming at Kailua beach – that is, when she’s not busy keeping up with her clients here on the mainland.


When’s she not behind the glow of a computer screen, this talented local actress can be found beneath the stage lights. While following her own artistic dreams, Monica seeks to help creatives become more financially literate.


Lakshmi hails from Mumbai, India – which is famous for street food – and women with a dry sense humor and a penchant for bookkeeping. If Lakshmi ever leaves the East Bay it will be to live in Hawaii on the beach with her husband. Incidentally, she holds advanced degrees in accounting from San Diego State University and was a volunteer for the IRS’s VITA program.


Kat was catapulted into bookkeeping when her boss at the time switched their business to Quickbooks without training or notice. Many years and adventures later, Kat is a puzzle-solving whiz at troubleshooting and can clean up any mess we throw her way. When she’s not busy unraveling client mistakes, she’s picking 1 million goldfish crackers off the floor –– courtesy of her twin girls.


Logan started doing her grandparents’ and parents’ books and inventories in the pre-computer accounting world and in the decades since has lived many different lives – as a photography small business owner, a manager for real estate development, a nightclub / hospitality industry bookkeeper and as a mom. For a good time, ask Logan about drone piloting.


Keila is LIAB’s first, only (and favorite!) Intern. She’s currently in school working on her AA and dreaming of being a nurse practitioner and owning a house full of dogs someday. She brightens the office with her smile –– and lots and lots of coffee.


The key to a successful network operation is to provide high quality services.

We work with entrepreneurs on the financial management, tax, bookkeeping, and cash flow issues that can make or break a small business. We also offer operations support – from payroll and HR to general office management support; we tailor our services to you. We know what you're up against, and have the expertise to help you minimize headaches and maximize profits.

We understand the pressures faced by our small business clients: an increasingly complex and ever-changing tax law; the constant need to control costs and improve efficiencies; the never-ending cash flow challenges; record keeping – you deal with a lot. But we understand that your business is personal.


We create and maintain bookkeeping systems. We manage both accounts payable and receivables. We file sales taxes, payroll taxes,1099 filings, federal and state withholdings, and almost anything else.


We prepare taxes for small businesses, non-profits, and independent contractors. We specialize in the creative and unusual industries- although we prepare plenty of 'regular' taxes too.


We manage payroll and general office-y type things. We help those who are, in the words of one client, “allergic to forms”. We maintain records for highly regulated industries - model releases, Dept. of Justice clearances, etc.


Because sometimes when you are small you need encouragement or just someone else to bounce ideas off of. We are always there to provide support through transitions and to brainstorm with.


We help prepare business plans and pro-formas. We offer support for dealing with investors and financing. We can help you work through the nitty-gritty logistics of what it means to open your own business.


This is probably our favorite part. We help owners and managers analyze numbers to improve profitability and efficiency. We love working to help businesses grow.

Elizabeth Hanley is an absolute dream. Her accounting and finance skills are superb, and her willingness to go above and beyond the task at hand is what sets her apart. She anticipates client needs and possesses a real strength for strategy. Her expertise and incredible attitude are what have convinced me to recommend her to a bevvy of my colleagues, from the nonprofit sector, to small business owners, to individuals seeking more financial structure. ICHI Sushi wouldn’t be ICHI Sushi without Elizabeth Hanley.

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